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Going out from Hotel Moderno you will go on the right and following the roads to Stazione Leopolda. It is one of the first train stations were built in Italy, infact it was built in 1844 for its supporter Granduke Leopoldo of Tuscany. In front of it there is Fortezza Nuovo or Giardino Scotto, it was an old castle to defence Pisa from attack and it born in 1406 by Medici’s Family and it was suffered a restauration for military reasons.

Going out from it there are two possibilities : going to Lungarno Galilei, where we can see the beautiful church of San Sepolcro with its cuious octagonal form and the wonderful Hystorical buildings on the River Arno, or going to via S. Martino, heart of Kinzic’s district, she was the heroin of Pisa because she saved her city from Saracen people on 1004.
This roads has a lot of cloisters and little lanes tipical of medieval age.
After Lungarno Galilei there is Lungarno Gambacorti where is church of Santa Cristina, site in which on 1375 S.Caterina from Siena took the stigmata and where we find a little jewelery of Pisa, church of Santa Maria della Spina. It was built in 1230, on 1323 it was suffered a restauration to host a plug of Jesus Crown, and outside it has Gothic decorations.
Following on Lungarno Sonnino we arrive in front of a wonderful church, San Paolo a Ripa D’Arno or Old Cathedral., and its Romanesque loggias in front is framed by the green of the trees of the driveway. In frame on this beautiful church there are Cittadella Vecchia, formed by Porta a Mare and Bastione Stampace, theatre of a lot of battle with Florence on XV – XVI century. In front of it but in the other side of River Arno, there is Cittadella, it was built by Medici’s Family to have arsenals for ships, and for Cosimo de’ Medici it was built also the Torre Guelfa, antagonist of Torre Ghibellina, because Ghibellini was a Pisa’s Formation, Guelfi was a Florence’s formation.
From this Area following Lungarno Simonelli and we arrive in Via Roma where we can see a tower of San Nicola’s Church and Domus Galileana and Botanic Garden, This garden is the oldest botanic garden in Europe because it born on 1591. In the end of via Roma we arrive in Piazza dei Miracoli.
After this wonderful show we can take via S.Maria and via Dei Mille to enter in Piazza dei Cavalieri, heart of Pisa Republic Marine. OIn this square there are Scuola Normale Superiore and Torre dell’Orologio building. Going out from this site with a lot of history , we take via U.Dini and Borgo Stretto , heart of medieval age and now, with Corso Italia, shopping streets.