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Dear Guest,
unfortunately our hotel is closed from March not for by Governement’s Laws but because we are missing our job’s heart, you, our guest!
The 95% of all hotels in Italy are closed, the big part is small business, sometimes a family business like me, all of us have workers and our workers have a families but unfortunately we didn’t recieve any helps from our Goverment. The Tourism in Italy is in one of major industry of the country but our politicias don’t understand that we need a specifical helps for our sector and without them it is very hard to survive. All of us hope to restart as soon as possible but it does depend of sanitary emergency ; we spend our time to take care of our guest planning disinfectation of our hotels (NO B&B!) using e special products and , unfortunately, we need to cut some service like a breakfast buffet, for example in our hotel it will not possible but we bring in the room the “breakfast Box” .
So we guarantee your safe but, dear guest, we ask you to help us: as soon as possible (I’m thinking about No Ryanair flights in this moment!) take your courage and travel again! Book our hotel directly from our official website where you can find the best rate and solutions!
Without you we cannot restar, without you our job is not real, without you some millions of people lose their job, without you the family business since 1956 like mine is going to desappear!
We ask you don’t give up on the virus ,fight with us to defeat the virus also in other part place and not only in the hospital, becuase this virus put ourself in our homes for too much time and now, with specifical disposition for our care, is the moment to restart, all together, help eachother, coming back for buying and travelling, living!
We know about the economic crisis involed all of us, we know there is few money in our house, but we inviate you to contact directly us for planning the best and cheaper solution for your travel.
You can contact us by
By email
By telephone 003905025021
By WhatsApp on our Facebook’s page
By our Instagram’s page

It is a pleasure for us for giving you hospitality from 15th June.