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The Famous Leaning Tower was built in 1173 and it has a big mistery around it for the reasons of its stability also because we don’t know who was the architect, if Bonanno or Diotisalvi.
It is a beautiful symbol of Gotich art, the Tower is leaning because the earth under it gave way when the building had arrived at first floor. For this reason the work was stopped, and on 1275 it was started again with Giovanni di Simone and get end on second part of XIV century with Tommaso Pisano.

The last few architects tried to straighten the tower with the new floors (it is evident in the crowining), but the earth gave way again and the Tower was in danger and risked the collapse.
For this reason the Tower was closed to do a restauration with which the tilt stopped at 55% of the vertical axis.
Now The Leaning Tower is wonderful for its refinement and gracefulness and it is the heritage for the millions of people every years climbing 294 stairs to arrive on the roof the see the beautiful point of view.