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The Seal of San Rossore is a part of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Regional Park, it is one of most important area in Tuscany and Italy.
In the past the coast was to the east side but, after a lot of years with the sea currents and instability of the rivers, born large sand embankments who blocked the water and created the lagoons.

With Medici’s Family started a big works to reclamation, finished with Mussolini, with which there was an accretion of lands. These lands was parted between a lot of important families of Florence and they created Seals or Farms.
The chief of seals was a ministry and him with his workers produced timber, and they worked with animals pasture, fish and hunting. They were San Rossore, Coltano e Castagnolo, Migliarino and Tombolo.
The farms was founded on farm and sharecropping, as Vecchiano, Casabianca and Collesalvetti. The Medici’ Family brought dromedaries because they had more agility on the lagoons lands.For the Medici’s Family This park was also the desired outlet to the sea. In the end of XVIII century the Seals had the biggest border: on the north with Serchio River; on the east with a lot of streams who delimitated the border with Pisa; on the south with Arno River; on the west with the coast.
it was created some roads with which the people could go inide the park to buy something, like Viale delle Cascine or Cascine Nuove. These two roads there are still , Viale delle Cascine with Trombe Bridge (this name because when the granduke arrived in the park the blaring trumpets), and via Barbaricina. On XIX century, with Lorena’s Family, the Cascine Vechhie were restaurationed and it was built the Ville Reale Del Gombo. After the unification of Italy the Seal passed to Savoia’s Family and they built the royal stables.