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The cathedral was built on 1063 to celebrate the naval win of Pisa against Muslims.The architect was Buscheto and it was consecrated with Gelasio on 1118 and it was magnified on XII century with Rainaldo. It’s very easy to see these two different moments for the unlike the marble use. It is an expression of Pisa’s Romanesque art, the entire body of the structure is crossed by blind arches that divide up rhythmically surfaces; in the shape of the dome, the elliptical, lancet arches, choked by a bulb at the top, is Muslim. The interior has a basilica plan with five naves and transept u deep, the intersection of which rises the dome above. The major works are concentrated in the presbytery and the apse, where you can admire the mosaic of the apse of the 1301-1302 basin and the San Giovanni, the last work of Cimabue. Also of great interest are also the portal of Saint Ranieri, patron of the city, the work of Bonanno Pisano and the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano, carved in 1302-1311, depicting scenes from the New Testament.