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Inspirational rinaldiana was started in 1152 by Diotisalvi and completed in Gothic style in the XII and XIV century .; It has a circular base and is positioned in front of the Duomo, of which, with the exterior arches, is a decorative and spiritual extension. The dome is covered with red tiles to the sea and lead plates to the east, which has sparked many theories about it, some say that it was a matter of missing money, and who claims to have been made specifically for protect the roof from brackish, since the tiled roof is in its part oriented towards the sea. And ‘the largest baptistery in Italy, its circumference measures 107.24 m, a height of 54.86 m. Inside is the famous pulpit by Nicola Pisano, who performed in 1246 and has become a work amount of fourteenth-century culture. The work has a hexagonal basic structure that has no precedent, supported by six side columns, three of which rest on lions, and with a central carved pedestal with three telamons; has the parapet decorated by five bas relief panels with scenes from the life of Christ.