Tasting wine and tuscan food

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For all clients who want tasting the very delicious tuscan wine and food we can organize a dayoff by app/site “Vinis” and “Tuscan Street Food”. Don’t miss this beautiful oppurtunity!!!

Degustazione vini e cibo toscano

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Per tutti i clienti che hanno il piacere di passare una giornata in una cantina a degustare il buon vino e cibo toscano, possiamo organizzarvi una giornata contattando il sito/app “Vinis ” e “Tuscan Street Food” che si occuperanno di tutto!! Un occasione assoultamente da non perdere!!!


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Pisa’s medieval wall was built between 1100-1200 , it is tall 11mt, and in the past it is circumsbribed the whole city.Unfortunately the south side of the wall was destroied during the second world war amd now there are only 3km in the north side. It starts in Piazza dei Miracoli and finish in Piazza del Rosso. The Wall have 4 up and down and walking on the top gives another point of view of the city and can discover a corner of Pisa you cannot see from the ground.

Pisa’s medieval wall is open everyday, accept if there is prohibitive weather conditions.


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Finally, almost 20years of its discovery, it is poned the Museum of Roman’s Ships! The wonderful location is at Arsenali Medicei, into the area of old harbour of Pisa, where you can see the beautiful roman’s ships, there were discovered on 1998 during workers closed to San Rossore train station.

The boats kept commercial life and life on board articraft. The shipyard brought to the light 30 Roman ships with their extraordinary discoveries regarding the methods of conservation of the time and archaeological narration of roman maritime trade.

The Museum is divided in 8 sections:the city between 2 rivers,land and water,the fury of roman navilia,ships, trade, navigation and life on board.

This Museum is open on friday, satuerday and sunday.


We are happy to inform our guest that from today it is possible book and buy the tickets for the famous monuments is Pisa , like the Leaning Tower or Baptistery, or tickets for Uffizzi in Florence. It is also possible buy a daytour for visiting Tuscany or tasting wine


Informiamo i nostri clienti che da oggi scaricando l’app Tuscany Holliday-tickets è possibile prenotare e acquistare i biglietti per i più famosi monumenti pisani e non come la Torre, il Battistero oppure gli Uffizzi a Firenze . Inoltre è possibile scegliere tra una varia gamma di daytour in Toscana , da Lucca, a Firenze al Tasting wine nel Chianti

Rent Bikes

Thank to a collaboration with “Smile &Ride” our guest can rent bikes for visiting our beautiful city and a countryside around it.

We ask our guests to visit the website “www.smileandride.com” to see their trips about our historycal city centre and the area around Pisa with beautiful montains and landscape.

it is possible to download the App to rent a bikes in advance and consulting the trip that they suggest you.

Noleggio biciclette

Grazie alla collaborazione con “Smile &Ride” i nostri clienti potranno noleggiare biciclette sia da città che da montagna per esplorare le bellezze di pisa e dintorni.

Vi invito a visitare il sito www.smileandride.com e a vedere i vari itinerari da loro ideati per poter scoprire tantissime cose sul territorio , dai monumenti storici presenti in città alle bellezze naturaliste del territorio limitrofo. Inoltre è possibile scaricare direttamente la App con cui potete prenotare il vostro noleggio biciclette e organizzare la vostra visita.

Le Cinque Terre

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Il Parco Naturale dell Cinque Terre è una porzione di territorio monutoso e a picco sul mare tra la Liguria e la Toscana. I cinque borghi da cui prende il nome il parco sono: Rio Maggiore, Manarola, Corniglia , Vernazza e Monterosso. La conformità del territorio ha reso celebre le Cinque terre non solo per la bellezza dei paesi che la compongono e lo splendido mare che bagna la costa,ma ha anche attirato nel tempo numerosi escursionisti dediti al trekking in quanto vi è una rete capillare di sentieri che storicamente collegavano sia i borghi che il capoluogo di provincia, La Spezia. Da qui partono tutti i tour e i mezzi di trasporto per visitare le Cinque Terre, che si possono raggiungere con il treno,con il bus e con il battello.

Dalla stazione di Pisa Centrale partono treni ogni ora per La spezia ed è quindi possibile visitare il Parco Naturale in giornata.

Risultati immagini per immagini cinque terre

Pisa’s Mountains

Historians and geologists believe that the Monti Pisani group is one of the most ancient mountain formations in Italy. Part of the mountains is made up of limestone rocks, a fact that has allowed the formation of cavities which in many cases have become more or less extensive caves. It should be noted that for geological science there is a rock, called Verrucana which took its name from Mount Verruca which is found in the M. Pisani (at the top of which stands the ruins of an ancient castle) and which characterizes it for its presence . Over time many populations have settled in this area and, at the dawn of Christian worship, the area was identified as an ideal place for retreat and prayer. This gave way to the construction of several churches, oratories, parish churches, allowing the development of the main town of Calci, docs the bellsima Certosa was built, which can still be visited. The hydrogeological conformation has allowed the formation of various springs ranging from San Giuliano Terme to Uliveto Terme, allowing the development of these countries made famous for their thermal baths. From one of these springs (that of Asciano) starts the splendid Medici aqueduct, begun at the behest of Cosimo I de ‘Medici and finished by his son Ferdinando at the end of the 1500s and which still arrives in the city of Pisa. Thanks to the countless paths and mule tracks it is possible to make many excursions in the Pisan Mountains: on foot, by bicycle and on horseback, which leave from the most important towns such as Vecchiano, San Giuliano Terme, Asciano, Calci and Uliveto Terme.