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  1. We are a family business since 1956, it means “you can fell at home in the hotel”
  2. we are open 24h so we are here for you for everything
  3. We are 1km far from the airport and 150mt for the train station Pisa Centrale, so if you come/go in 15minutes by walk and 2miutes by walk
  4. Only on this site you can find a rate with Insurance (not only for Covid19 but also for rent a car or accidents, contact us for informations)
  5. Only here you can find rate with PROMO CODE for special events or collaborations


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Here, you will find information on the safety guidelines that the hotel follows in order to guarantee that you enjoy a peaceful stay with us. We implement the anti-Covid measures set out by Federalberghi Pisa, as approved by the North-West Tuscany Local Health Authority.

General principles for the sanitisation of rooms (source: Italian Ministry of Health)

  • Scientific evidence demonstrates the coronaviruses can be rendered inactive by appropriate sanitisation procedures that include the use of hospital disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach) (0.1% -0.5%); ethanol (62-71%); or hydrogen peroxide (0.5%), for an adequate contact period.
  • In accordance with the indications provided by the World Health Organisation, the “careful cleaning of indoor surfaces with water and detergent, followed by the application of disinfectants commonly used in hospitals (such as sodium hypochlorite)” constitutes an effective, sufficient procedure.

Daily monitoring of the staff

  • Every time they enter the hotel, the staff members have their temperature checked; anyone with a temperature in excess of 37.5°C is not permitted to enter.
  • Any staff members already on-site who start to display the symptoms of COVID-19 are isolated in a safe place and the health authorities are then immediately alerted.
  • The changing rooms used by the staff members are sanitised on a daily basis. All of the staff members wear face masks, and are required to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, or sanitise them frequently using hand-sanitising gel.

Reception area

  • The reception desk is protected by an anti-droplet screen.
  • The lobby enables social distancing of more than 1 metre.
  • At the reception desk, hand-sanitiser is available for use by guests and members of staff.
  • Every night, the reception area is sanitised using chlorine spray.

Communal areas

  • Sanitising gel is available at the entrance and on every floors.

Public bathrooms

  • The public bathrooms are sanitised by the staff members multiple times every day using chlorine-based sanitising detergents.
  • Every two weeks, the public bathrooms are sanitised using chlorine spray.


  • The floors are sanitised on a daily basis with chlorine-based sanitising detergents. The handles, button panels and other surfaces are sanitised using alcohol-based sanitising detergents.
  • On a weekly basis, curtains, duvets, conditioning filters and all of the surfaces with which guests come into contact are sanitised by spraying them with cleaning products based on chlorine spray

Bar and breakfast room

  • The tables are separated to ensure social distancing of two metres between guests.
  • The breakfast is served by box on the tables in which the guest find only package products
  • The room is sanitised on a daily basis by means of a chlorine spray.
  • During service, the tables and chairs are sanitised manually by the staff using appropriate alcohol-based cleaning products.

Payment by web

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We are so happy to inform our guests payments by”PayPal” and ecommerce are coming soon!

Now it is possible only by app “Satispay”.

Stay tuned!!

Mail For Traveller

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Dear Guest,
unfortunately our hotel is closed from March not for by Governement’s Laws but because we are missing our job’s heart, you, our guest!
The 95% of all hotels in Italy are closed, the big part is small business, sometimes a family business like me, all of us have workers and our workers have a families but unfortunately we didn’t recieve any helps from our Goverment. The Tourism in Italy is in one of major industry of the country but our politicias don’t understand that we need a specifical helps for our sector and without them it is very hard to survive. All of us hope to restart as soon as possible but it does depend of sanitary emergency ; we spend our time to take care of our guest planning disinfectation of our hotels (NO B&B!) using e special products and , unfortunately, we need to cut some service like a breakfast buffet, for example in our hotel it will not possible but we bring in the room the “breakfast Box” .
So we guarantee your safe but, dear guest, we ask you to help us: as soon as possible (I’m thinking about No Ryanair flights in this moment!) take your courage and travel again! Book our hotel directly from our official website where you can find the best rate and solutions!
Without you we cannot restar, without you our job is not real, without you some millions of people lose their job, without you the family business since 1956 like mine is going to desappear!
We ask you don’t give up on the virus ,fight with us to defeat the virus also in other part place and not only in the hospital, becuase this virus put ourself in our homes for too much time and now, with specifical disposition for our care, is the moment to restart, all together, help eachother, coming back for buying and travelling, living!
We know about the economic crisis involed all of us, we know there is few money in our house, but we inviate you to contact directly us for planning the best and cheaper solution for your travel.
You can contact us by www.hotelmoderno.pisa.it
By email infor@hotelmoderno.pisa.it
By telephone 003905025021
By WhatsApp on our Facebook’s page
By our Instagram’s page

It is a pleasure for us for giving you hospitality from 15th June.

“Arianna and friends”the most authentic tours in Tuscany

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From this year we have started a collaboration with the agency “Arianna and friends” who organize a lot of kinds of tours and also cooking class for pasta, pizza, truffle and typical tuscan dishes.

They organize also wedding, events and transfert.

Visit the site www.ariannandfriends.com or contact by mail info@ariannandfriends.com


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Since 2010 it is a pleasure for us to have a collaboration with Soetens , so only for their guest and only for booking by our webiste we give a discount of 10% of all kind of rooms available. During the procedure write the PROMO CODE “SOETENS” and is appeared this special discount


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Viaggi in bicicletta e hai bisogno di una camera e di un parcheggio sicuro per la notte?Quest’anno la nostra struttura ha deciso di aderire alla Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta (FIAB) partecipando come “albergabici”. Cosa vuol dire? che tutti gli appassionati di viaggi in bici potranno alloggiare da noi dove troveranno:

  1. parcheggio biciclette

2. le brugole

3. la pompa per gonfiare le ruote

4. vari itinerari da fare in bici sia in città che fuori città.

Inserite il codice promozionale ALBERGABICI sulla pagina di prenotazione del nostro sito e avrete direttamente fino al 10% di sconto

Pagamenti elettronici

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Con piacere informiamo i nostri clienti che stiamo attivando i pagamenti elettronici anche sul nostro sito internet! L’app “Satispay” e i pagamenti con PayPal sono già attiva, a breve arriveranno anche i pagamenti tramite l’ecommerce Nexi. Stay Tuned!!!

Lettera all’ospite

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Caro Ospite,
purtroppo il nostro hotel è chiuso da Marzo ,non perché ci sia stato l’obbligo da parte del Governo ma semplicemente perché è venuto a mancare il cuore pulsante del nostro lavoro, Tu, l’ospite.
Come me il 95% degli Alberghi italiani sono tutt’ora chiusi, come me la maggior parte sono piccole imprese, a volte a conduzione familiare (come me!) a volte no, come me abbiamo dei dipendenti che a loro volta hanno delle famiglie e tutti noi, purtroppo, ancora non abbiamo ricevuto aiuti concreti dallo Stato, solo proclami. Il Turismo in Italia produce il 13% del Pil ma purtroppo chi ci governa ancora non ha capito che da questo settore dipendono milioni di persone e che se non si danno aiuti mirati sarà molto dura sopravvivere. Tutti noi speriamo di poter ripartire il prima possibile ma tutto dipende dall’emergenza sanitaria e , per questo ,ci stiamo adoperando nel mettere in sicurezza le nostre strutture ALBERGHIERE (NO B&B!) sanificandole con i prodotti appositi e , aimè, dovendo fare anche dei tagli nei servizi, come per esempio la colazione che, per quanto ci riguarda, non sarà più possibile farla nella sala colazioni ma verrà fornita in camera con l’ausilio del Breakfast Box.
Detto questo e assicurandoti quindi il tuo soggiorno in sicurezza , ti chiediamo caro ospite di fare anche tu la tua parte: appena sarà possibile (penso ai voli Ryanair che in questo momento non sono operativi) prendi di nuovo coraggio e riprendi a viaggiare!!! Prenota l’albergo direttamente sul sito ufficiale della struttura dove potrai trovare le offerte migliori e dove potrai contattare direttamente l’hotel che sarà ben felice di rispondere a tutte le tue domande.
Senza di te non ripartiamo, senza di te il nostro lavoro non ha senso, senza di te milioni di persone potrebbero rimanere senza lavoro, senza di te imprese a conduzione familiare dal 1956, come per esempio la mia, rischiano di scomparire per sempre!
Vi chiediamo di non arrendervi al virus, di lottare ancora con noi per sconfiggerlo anche in altri contesti che non siano gli ospedali, perché questo virus ci ha rinchiuso in casa per troppo tempo ed ora, con le adeguate misure e dispositivi di sicurezza, è tempo di ripartire e dobbiamo farlo tutti insieme, aiutandoci gli uni con gli altri, tornando di nuovo a comprare e a viaggiare, a vivere!
Siamo perfettamente consci della crisi economica che ha coinvolto tutti noi e dei pochi soldi che girano nelle nostre case, per questo vi invitiamo a contattarci direttamente per trovare insieme la soluzione migliore ed economica per chi ha voglia di ripartire!
Potete contattarci dal sito www.hotelmoderno.pisa.it
Oppure per mail info@hotelmoderno.pisa.it
Per telefono 05025021
Oppure tramite WhatsApp dalla pagina facebook dell’Hotel Moderno Pisa

Vi aspettiamo a braccia aperte a partire dal 15 Giugno

Chiara Ciampolini
Titolare Hotel Moderno Pisa

“Arianna & friends”the most authentic tours in Tuscany

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Da quest’anno abbiamo intrapreso una collaborazione con l’agenzia “Arianna & friends” grazie alla quale possiamo proporvi numerosi tours in Toscana tra cui delle cooking class su pasta, pizza, tartufi e piatti tipici toscani. I tours potranno essere sia privati che ti gruppo.

L’agenzia organizza anche addio al nubilato, eventi e transfert.

Vi consigliamo di visitare il catalogo che trovate sul sito www.ariannandfriends.com o scrivere alla mail info@ariannandfriends.com